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SK8 GYM is a leader in skateboard training, consultation and education. Our curriculum,”SK8 GYM WAY!” is the practice of combining educational formulas designed for implementing custom training techniques in a safe, guided and fun learning environment.We have created skateboard programs for hundreds of students and developed a complete skateboard curriculum which meets National and State Physical Education Standards. 

Private lessons are  designed for students ages 5+ and 7+ for classes .

Our elite team of certified instructors provide skateboard training in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • Fully Trained, Certified and Insured.
  • Certified to administer Basic First-Aid.
  • Comprehensive First-Aid kit always on site.
Certified Skate Instructor by Skate Instructor Association
Certified in First Aid


Marko Kosta is a long time avid skateboarder. He started street skating when he was 14 years old and competed between ages 18-22.

He continued skateboarding on the weekends after starting a career in marketing. When he started a family, he taught his kids to skateboard and over the years, he also provided volunteer skateboard lessons to grade school aged children in the community.

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Marko has 10+ years experience working with the youth ages 5-16 as an adult volunteer with local youth organizations, while his kids were involved.

He has taught children ages 5+ how to skate and various other activities. It was during this time when he developed an effective combination of teaching formulas and applied it to skateboard lessons, resulting in fun, efficient and balanced skateboard progression.

Marko’s passion for skateboarding and teaching drives him to help students interested in learning the basics of skateboarding and advancing their skateboarding skills while ensuring students are safe, engaged and having a great time.