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  • Pam D.

    5 star rating Marko is a great instructor. My 5 year old learned so much in the one hour spent with him. He broke it down in easy to learn steps and my son felt so excited to keep learning. It was his first time on a skateboard and by the end of the session he felt so confident getting on and off the board! He loved it so much he didn't wanna take a break in between. We're looking forward to the next lesson!!! - 1/08/2020

    R L.

    5 star rating I love Marko and Sk8 Gym. Marko made it so easy for my child to learn skateboarding. For those who are afraid of commitment, you can rent the equipment (board, pads, helmet) from him and he brings it to the lesson. He was so great with my physically cautious child. He starts from the very foundational basics, even more basic than I would have thought skateboarding needed. Because of that, though, my child enjoyed the classes from the very start. He is very patient and kind, and explains everything. Thank you so much, Marko. - 9/09/2019

    Gabriel F.

    5 star rating The experience could not have been better.Marco was flexible and accommodating in terms of our schedule.The class was super well structured.It was the first time our 9-year-old girl and our 6-year-old boy rode.Marco created a safe and challenging environment for them.They went through several different exercises that both built up their skills and confidence and at the same time got them excited about the sport. That's so challenging to do. In my experience classes are either to methodical and boring or over-challenge the kids and make them uncomfortable. Marco achieved a perfect balance and my kids are super eager to continue their riding. Thank you Marco, you contributed to a great day for our family! - 7/05/2019

  • Mare L.

    5 star rating My son's newfound interest in skateboarding was ignited into pure obsession after meeting Marko and the SK8 team. I have never seen my kid so passionate about diving into a new activity, perfecting his skills and honing his technique. After just a few private lessons with Marko--whose patience, compassion and love of the sport are incredibly inspiring--my son is already moving on that board like he owns it. For him, a two-hour lesson feels like 10 minutes because he is having so much fun, and by the end of it, he's sweaty, exhausted and thrilled that he learned something new, doing something he loves. During these longer lessons, Marko is usually accompanied by another instructor, so there are two pros showing him the ropes, and afterward Marko usually texts us a beautifully edited video showcasing the new moves my son has learned. Personally, I had no idea that skateboarding would be so effective at teaching my child the all-important life lesson that hard work and sheer determination are requirements for success in anything you set your mind to. Thank you, SK8! - 4/10/2019

    J A.

    5 star rating Both of my sons were reluctant to try skateboarding at first but when we signed them up for skateboard lessons with Marko, all that changed. He has a natural talent for teaching and making kids feel comfortable, confident and safe. Our boys have grown to trust Marko as he takes them slightly out of their comfort zone and it shows in the skills they have learned on a skateboard. I absolutely recommend SK8 GYM to anyone who wants to learn to skate. - 4/06/2019

    J W.

    5 star rating Marko is such an amazing coach! He's super good at teaching for a total beginner like me. I started from a balancing training and gradually getting used to the board. This was awesome to me especially I felt scared at the beginning. Now I'm able to ride the board! He constantly motivates me with positive words. I've been enjoying his classes so much! Highly recommended!! - 4/06/2019

  • Meredith O.

    5 star rating During Marko's visit to Florida he gave our son and daughter both skateboard lessons. It was their first skate lesson and they absolutely loved it. Marko was very patient and sensitive to their individual needs. He continuously encouraged them and built up their confidence using fun games to learn new skills. Our kids still talk about the lesson and can't wait to see him again and get more lessons!!! Thanks Marko for bringing skating into our kids lives. - 4/01/2019

    Brian D.

    5 star rating on my last visit to SF , my son was introduced to skating by his cousin, who had just started also. He was already taking classes with Marko and his team for a few months now, so my son signed up for a class along with cousin.  Myself being a (old) skate rat from the east coast. I was curious to see how this was going to go down. All I have to say is, AWESOME!Marko was able to get my son comfortable  on a board real fast. He used balence techniques that I have never thought of, that gave my son the confidence to "get after it"! My son was hooked after that and went back for a second class before our trip back home to NY. The Sk8 Gym team provided positive reinforcement,  knowledge,  and most of all fun when introducing skateboarding to my son and I couldn't have been more impressed. They should definitely try to bring Sk8 Gym out to the east coast. The experience is well worth it! - 3/30/2019

    Caroline S.

    5 star rating My son has had both private and group lessons with SK8Gym. His skateboarding has improved dramatically in the last 6 months because of the close attention all the instructors pay to him. These lessons have given him confidence both on and off his skateboard. The group lessons are really great value for money compared to others. They are also fun. SK8Gym also do skate parties, supplying all the equipment. My son said these are also really fun and very well organised. I would highly recommend Marko and his SK8GYM team, they are skilled, responsible, encouraging and great value. - 3/29/2019