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Marko Kosta

Founder and Instructor Trainer

Marko grew up skating the streets of NYC in the late 1980’s and through the 1990’s. He picked up skating at age 14 and quickly fell in love with the exhilarating feeling of riding a skateboard and learning new tricks. He competed between the ages of 18-22. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pace University in 1999 and worked as a marketing executive for many years, prior to founding SK8 GYM, Corp.  
He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20+ years, where he raised his two sons and volunteered with various youth community programs for 15+ years. During that time, he has instructed students age 5-17 how to safely ride a skateboard among other activities. Marko has also been instructing adult students for over 3 years. 

Marko is currently available for adult and youth lessons in SF Bay Area, including San Francisco, Marin County, and LaMorinda Area. He also available in Chicago one week each month.  

Marko Kosta team member profile


Sladjana Paunovic

President & CEO

Sladjana is a Chicago native, raising her two teenage children, both of whom are avid skaters. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Chicago.  She worked in corporate management for over 15 years with Marriott International prior to joining SK8 GYM leadership. She enjoys being able to serve her community by volunteering at food banks during the pandemic and supporting her children in Scouting services. 


Ashley Davis 

Certified Roller Skating Instructor & Skateboard Instructor

Ashley Davis trained and competed in roller figure skating for over 12 years, earning 19 USARS National Championship titles. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of rollerskating with others.

Ashley’s compassionate nature allows students to feel comfortable and safe in their endeavor. In her free time she enjoys transition roller skating and skateboarding at skateparks.

Outside of skating she loves to work on leading a environmentally sustainable lifestyle by spreading awareness in the Orange County community.

Ashley is currently available for both adult and youth rollerskating and skateboarding lessons and classes in Orange County and surrounding areas. 


Jessica Ferguson  

Certified Rollerskating and Rollerblading Instructor

Jessica brings over a decade of rollerskating ad rollerblading instructional experience to the team.

Jessica has a unique ability to put his students at ease with her confidence and gentle approach.

During her free time, she likes to meet up with friends and skate at local parks.

Jessica is currently available for both youth and adult lessons and classes in Berkeley and Lafayette. 


Colin Drechsel

Certified Skateboard Instructor

Colin picked up skateboarding a few years ago. While he attends College of Marin, he enjoys giving skateboard lessons to our youth students. His patience and supportive nature makes student’s feel good about their classes. During his free time, he loves to skate transition with his friends.


Colin is currently available for classes and camps in Marin and San Francisco.


Jasmin Fletcher

Certified Roller Skate & Skateboard Instructor 

Jasmin was born and raised in San Francisco. She’s been rollerskating and skateboarding for over 10 years. Jasmin’s skateboarding and roller skating style is mostly street but she also loves ramps & bowls. Jasmin loves to introduce the amazing world of skating to her local community with her volunteer efforts.

Jasmin is currently available for both adult and youth lessons and classes in San Francisco and East Bay locations.

Jazmin Fletcher Skate

Sarenda Vaughn 

Certified Rollerskating Instructor

Sarenda has been rollerskating for over 10 years. Her passionate for the sport has lead her to earn her certification to teach it and has been a wonderful addition to the team. Her students always feel at ease and comfortable with her gentle and supportive approach to coaching.

During her free time, Sarenda enjoys creating art for her community.

Sarenda is available for lessons and classes in Berkeley. 
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